Maximize Patient Outcomes with Virtual Patient Engagement

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Acquisition & Retention

  • Leverage on a highly intuitive patient self-assessment engine underpinned by mature clinical validation of more than 20 years driving relevant /web/individuals with needs matched to your appropriate services
  • Retain via elevated & ongoing patient engagement delivered via smart tools built into the platform from any device

Smart Scheduling

  • Navigate to the right provider based on /web/individuals’ unique needs and your practice’s unique scheduling workflow
  • Schedule multiple modes of communication delivering choice, comfort, trust and engagement to patients
  • Initiate smart referrals within and beyond the ecosystem embedding scheduling


  • Explore various modes of telehealth delivered via synchronous and asynchronous means
  • Convert in-person visits to telehealth visits for immediate care
  • Increase capacity and revenue while meeting patient expectations
  • Between visit communications should be the new normal for providers
  • Leapfrog from Telehealth to Virtual Care

Smart Documentation

  • Leverage on technology to deliver faster, safer and reliable data capture of intake forms, screening forms, consents etc
  • Enhance quality & safety empowered by a mature clinical reasoning tool leveraging machine learning and AI
  • Automate routine histories, referrals, encounter summaries with smart prepopulated data from various sources
  • Streamline data structuring and standards adherence
  • Explore various input modes including conversational AI

Care Continuum

  • Deliver ongoing chronic care services
  • Manage outgoing care referrals with tools for further engagement within and beyond the organization ecosystem
  • Leverage on digital tools to broadcast contextual content, service changes- availability, campaign information etc to patients and communities via the platform
  • Empower patients to enhance symptom reporting, external report sharing, device data connectivity etc