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The World's First Virus attenuation device !
The Coronavirus family is a virus enclosed in a positive charged Spike-Protein capsid while the human cell membrane carries a negative charge. Due to this opposite charge, the S Protein on the Coronavirus is able to enter the human cells through the ACE2 receptors and uses its cellular mechanism like a photocopy machine to duplicate itself. Shycocan works by neutralizing its positive charge and disabling the ability of the Coronavirus particles to attach itself to a host cell. The core of this specialized device is made of a super-alloy that was built after a decade of research and produces Photons of high intensity when excited. Upon striking solid surfaces like particles in the air, virus particles, tables, chairs, walls, etc., in a space, these emit electrons. The electrons get attached to the positive protein on the shell of the Coronavirus, neutralizing its positive charge and preventing it from infecting other people. This process is called “Virus Attenuation”.

This virus attenuation is effective, both for surface and air-borne Coronaviruses. In the presence of Shycocan, anyone touching a previously infected surface will not contract the virus, providing far greater protection and safety than any other technology. The super-alloy generating photons does not deteriorate, hence Shycocan has a long lifespan and requires minimal servicing and no consumables.

A single device has an effective coverage of 1000 sq. ft. This means that it can protect you from future pandemics caused by variants of the Coronavirus. Not only will the Shycocan bring your business and life back to normal, but it will continue to keep you safe.


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